Eco-Friendly Way to Change Up Your Closet

I've always loved to stand out using my outfits. If you didn't know me in junior high or high school, my style was pretty out there, using inspiration from my fashion icons like Lady Gaga and Katy Perry. While my outfits weren't as crazy as the pop stars, I still loved creating my own unique … Continue reading Eco-Friendly Way to Change Up Your Closet

Eco-Conscious Beauty Routine

  As I have switched to a more eco-conscious way of eating, I have also noticed myself using the same process in other aspects of my life…. including when buying beauty products. Beauty standards are all over the place and ever-changing these days, but if I personally feel like I look good, then I feel good. I’ve told myself that there’s absolutely nothing wrong with wanting … Continue reading Eco-Conscious Beauty Routine