Vegan Black Bean and Corn Enchiladas

If you read my last recipe,  you know that my favorite way to cook recently has been the oven. Enchiladas are for sure an easy way to get a large amount of food with little effort. Plus little waste if you buy bulk beans and corn on the cob rather than the canned items!  Check … Continue reading Vegan Black Bean and Corn Enchiladas

Vegan Rosemary Falafel Pitas

My new favorite friend is my oven. I'm a freak about cleaning my dishes before I eat, so the oven is a great way to pop stuff in, get my mess cleaned up, and eat before my food gets cold. Check out my latest baked creation that let me get a little messy!! Prep time: … Continue reading Vegan Rosemary Falafel Pitas

Sustainable vs. Vegan Lifestyle

Different people become vegan for different reasons. The three main categories include abolishing animal cruelty, creating a healthier diet, and reducing the carbon footprint. Whatever reasons push a person towards this plant-based diet are totally justified. You don't have to prove to others why you eat this way because it's your life and you decision. However... I just want to give some food for thought: